Website for a UK education campaign group

Comprehensive Future

Redesign of existing brand and site, with clearer focus on new visitors

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The brief

Comprehensive Future had lived for a few years with a website that no longer clearly represented the aims and ideas of the group (namely, to campaign for an end to selective entry to English secondary schools), nor did it expose the wealth of information and articles that the group had produced, nor did it really seem very alive. We were asked to tackle all of that, build a new website that could be more easily extended and give Comprehensive Future an uncluttered, clear image.

What we did

We fought hard to have an engaging yet simple homepage that would primarily outline the organisation to new visitors, especially since the group’s founders had told us they were going to be embarking on a membership drive. Inner pages were designed to present lists of publications, reports, stories and articles in a fresh, authoritative way.

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